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What are CBD products and e-cigarettes?

What is CBD oil?

The CBD Oil or  CBD Drops are one of the trendiest and most popular ways to consume CBD. There are CBD oils for humans and Animal. It is important to actually buy products containing CBD.

Important: The CBD oils that you goodvibe find are legal and safe. We subject the products to appropriate laboratory tests, so that the CBD and THC content can be checked and noted at the FOPH. In this way we guarantee you a legal product of assured quality.

By the way, you can find all the answers and important facts about CBD oil in our comprehensive guide to CBD oil

What is CBD oil?
CBD flowers

What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are exactly what their name suggests - cannabis flowers, which are flowers of the hemp plant that are rich in CBD. Most of the time the flowers are smoked.

Since it cannot produce a state of intoxication and is also not addictive, it is not illegal per se. Here you can Buy CBD online.

Basically, the CBD flowers should provide a soft, rounded experience when smoking and have a light ash. Here you can find our detailed Guide to CBD flowers 

What are e-cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes or  E-Shisha are one of the newest and most popular ways to experience smoking pleasure. Top brands like Eleven bar, Nasty Fix or squidz you can find us in the E-cigarette online shop

The e-cigarettes that you goodvibe found are of high quality. You can send us the e-cigarettes back so that we can dispose of them properly. As a thank you, we will give you a voucher. Alternatively, you should dispose of the e-cigarettes as batteries. Definitely not in the household waste. 

For more information on e-cigarettes visit our website below E-Cigarettes Shop. 

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CBD products

goodvibe starts its sustainable mission with a CBD online shop

goodvibe was one of the very first, if not the first, professional CBD shop in Switzerland. Even before the big hype about CBD, goodvibe with cannabis and its various active ingredients. From the moment you could buy CBD in the Swiss market, it worked goodvibe already with Sweed together. They were among the very first to grow cannabis with a high CBD and low THC content in a professional style and in larger quantities.

goodvibe already knew a lot about the possible positive effects of CBD on people, their bodies and psyches. CBD as a natural alternative to the dominant drug culture preached by the pharmaceutical industry. That sounds like an idea to pursue further and is also a very sustainable and worthwhile mission. To make CBD socially acceptable and to build the best CBD online shop in Switzerland.

The knowledge about CBD itself was still very expandable in public and so cannabidiol was ridiculed by many as the smaller, intoxicating brother of THC. Both are cannabinoids of the hemp plant and their differences - apart from the psychoactive intoxication - are not as big as many suspected. goodvibe has set itself the goal of not having a negative undertone when someone wants to buy CBD.

Buy organic and best CBD online - one of our most important goals!

The first steps to setting up a successful CBD shop were not that easy at the beginning of the CBD boom. On the one hand, the CBD producers and jimdo website operators shot out of the ground like mushrooms. At the same time, lengthy educational work had to be done in many places. Worse, some blocked the moment they heard the word cannabis. The thoughts of many traders at the time were too far removed from positive connotations. Dem wanted goodvibe strongly counteract and was very successful with it. For test purposes, various tobacco shops wanted to order CBD products from Switzerland. Within a very short time they were completely convinced.

The next goal of goodvibe was that in Switzerland everyone can buy sustainable and best CBD within one day from the comfort of their own home. For this analyzed goodvibe carefully various CBD varieties from reputable CBD providers in Switzerland to counteract the flood of inferior products. You became in Qualicann, B-Chill, Urbanpharm and Green Passion find it. With Sweed cooperated goodvibe right from the start and, together with them, laid the basis for a collaboration that is unique in Switzerland and is more successful than ever today. 

heard today goodvibe one of the best-known names when it comes to being able to order top CBD quickly and reliably. Mainly draws goodvibe the wide range of exclusively qualitative products, where the visitor can be sure that he gets sustainable CBD from Switzerland. It was goodvibe It has always been a major concern that your CBD online shop lives up to its reputation.

Cannabidiol made a big step away from the negative drug cliché of cannabis towards a natural active ingredient against a variety of ailments, thanks in particular to the CBD oil (find out here everything you need to know about CBD oil). This opened up completely new avenues and also addressed a much broader target group. 

Unstoppable Cannabis: From CBD flowers to CBD oil to CBD cosmetics to e-cigarettes

goodvibe doesn't just stand on it goodvibe is also in. It quickly became clear that this is no empty platitude. goodvibe recognized the huge and, above all, sustainable and natural potential of CBD. The positive ones quickly spoke throughout Switzerland, but also internationally Effects of CBD around. First studies or reports from users made the rounds. The demand for natural alternatives to treat anxiety, inflammation, stress, pain relief, or sleep problems grew very quickly. 

The large amount of positive feedback from CBD experiences was no coincidence. Man has a Endocannabinoid system, which produces the body's own cannabinoids. These are responsible for regulating the sensation of pain, stress and much more. Cannabinoids added from outside lead to the fact that the body's own cannabinoids (anandamide) are broken down more slowly and thus help to regulate physical and psychological complaints.

More and more products (such as e-cigarettes) were developed that contained CBD from Switzerland. By far the most popular is CBD oil. But there is not only CBD oil for humans, also in the pet world there are many owners who buy CBD for their beloved four-legged friends. 

Over time, the number of cosmetic products that can be used externally increased. Skin or joint creams, lotions or sera. Precisely at this time when the market is flooded from all sides, looms goodvibe as a lighthouse among all CBD shops. 

History of CBD and CBD shops in Switzerland

But why did the CBD boom in Switzerland develop so rapidly? Suddenly, dozens of CBD shops popped up out of nowhere, and you could order CBD anywhere. 

It took 2-3 years for the positive effects of CBD to reach the population. In the beginning it was all about growing legal cannabis and a huge number of growers were involved. From private hobby rooms to professionally designed facilities of 2000 square meters where everything was meticulously planned. From one moment to the next, you could buy or order CBD anywhere in Switzerland. 

This also meant that an extremely large number of CBD shops had to close again after a short time. 

And this is where, over time, the wheat was separated from the chaff. A lot of Swiss CBD of inferior quality was passed around and had as a gatekeeper goodvibe played a very important role in this. Various kiosks and Headshops trusted the quality controls of goodvibe and have never been disappointed over the years. 

The best CBD quality is not available everywhere ~ The selection of the CBD shop is important.

The same problem also emerged with CBD oils, which suddenly everyone wanted to produce and put on the market. However, there are huge differences in quality from what you can buy in various CBD shops in Switzerland. Starting with the raw material, i.e. the cannabis plant itself. Much more important, however, are the extraction methods chosen. Often, pure CBD is simply extracted and mixed with a base oil. this reduces the effect of a CBD oil is enormous, but is only rarely noticed or extensively tested. This is mainly due to the legal situation, which CBD oil does not allow as a food and therefore does not allow any well-founded scientific analyzes.

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