Tom Cococha Gold ~ Shisha charcoal ~ 3kg

Tom Cococha Gold ~ Shisha charcoal ~ 3kg

Tom Cococha Gold ~ Shisha charcoal ~ 3kg

Tom Cococha Gold ~ Shisha charcoal ~ 3kg

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CHF 19.90

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Content: 3kg
Cube size: 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5cm
Country of origin: Indonesia

Carbon content: min. 85%

The higher the carbon content, the less ash and hotter the coal.
TOM Cococha Gold offers the most heat.
TOM Cococha Gold burns very hot and almost without residue. A calorific value that is higher than that of conventional natural coal. The remaining ash is only 1.5% of the product weight – 90% less than usual – and can be added to the compost or household waste in a cold state.

For perfect shisha enjoyment, cut the charcoal and create the desired piece size as desired.
Charcoal should be completely glowed before placing on the hookah.

Use of renewable raw materials for which there is probably no other use. High efficiency. One 3 kg package – more than 100 grill blocks!

Properly environmentally friendly
Neither fertilizers nor pesticides are used in the cultivation of the raw materials. The energy consumption during production is low. There is no nuisance to third parties, e.g. through smoke development or odour nuisance.

By the way: Not a single tree dies for TOM COCOCHA! The coconut shells accumulate during the production of palm oil.

Please note:
The charcoal does not contain a quick igniter and can therefore only be made to glow with a hot flame, e.g. charcoal lighter.


Tom Cococha Gold

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