Our vision

Goodvibe wants to maximize the enjoyment of smoking with the essential premise to protectenvironment and body in the best possible framework. Body, mind and environment should be in harmony.

Our mission

While the government desperately wants to use laws, guidelines, and bans to force a change in people’s lifestyles, Goodvibe wants to tackle the problem at its core and make the smoking process more friendly environmentally friendly and less harmful . With this guiding principle in mind, we want to adapt, expand or eliminate our products

as far as possible and thereby come closer to

our vision

step by step.


We live in a time when our

awareness of environment

and health is playing an increasingly

central role

. Our earth is a unique and precious commodity. Protecting them and using our resources less wastefully is extremely important and worth striving for. Our

health is a mirror of

how we deal with our environment, because it reacts to our actions and influences us accordingly. As our society of

environmental and health harmful products



This is usually easier said than done and it especially with the willingness to waiverto do. But our holistic well-being also depends on our psychological well-being . Constantly renouncing and not indulging in anything leads to a happy and contented life just as little as if you only subscribe to enjoyment and consumption. A balanced balance between enjoyment and renunciation

is more difficult to achieve than you think, but that is exactly what we want to make our contribution to. We want to give this balance between wellbeing and respect for the environment a

harmonious tone


This becomes even more


when smoking

than when eating. When eating, you can pay attention to the

origin, packaging and organic certificates of

the products. Despite these limitations, a healthy delicacy can still be prepared.

When it

comes to tobacco consumption,

however, you get into a


when it comes to protecting the environment and your own health, but at the same time nurturing enjoyment. On the one hand, tobacco is extremely harmful to the environment in its manufacture and production, and tobacco consumption is anything but healthy.

Our products can help you consume less tobacco and / or harm your health less despite tobacco use . Nevertheless, you do not have to do without consumption and enjoyment. As already mentioned, is an important part of mental well-being

and what is there for us smoking

more beautiful

than after dinner

to smoke a cigarette coffee



our products,

we would like to show ways how it is possible to reduce tobacco consumption and its harmful effects and still

not completely forego enjoyment.

But how does that work?

Many tobacco multinationals use tobacco “free of chemicals” to give consumers the feeling that they are doing less damage. But these are tiny improvements and don’t

hit the heart of the truth or the real

problem. The fact that you are harming yourself continues to exist.


nicotine is addictive

and the tobacco burns

tar in the lungs

. This leads to a smoking lung and is well known to all of us through the pictures of the black lungs. Our body is able to

break down

a certain amount of tar

, but never to the extent that is normally smoked.

There are

two approaches

to counteract this:

Feeding less nicotine to the body

If less nicotine is supplied to the body, one becomes less dependent. The consequence of this is that the desire for the next cigarette decreases. So if you eat less nicotine, the next cigarette will be smoked later. Seen over a whole day, the number of cigarettes decreases and thus the lungs are also burdened with less tar.

Feeding less tar to the body

If less tar is supplied to the body, the lungs will be able to process the smaller amount of tar more likely. Finally, it is the amount of tar that causes the most damage to health, as the smoke contains toxic substances such as benzene, cadmium or lead.

Well, the best solution is still to quit smoking from one day to the next, but as mentioned above, this is easier said than done and the enjoyment is usually too short. However, there are various products that reduce the amount of nicotine or tar. Some focus on nicotine, others on tar. Certain products reduce both. The scope of the respective solutions is, of course, different. Which of these products suits you best to find a balance between health and enjoyment is individual. In the following we introduce you to these products:

Activated carbon

In the past, activated carbon filters were developed for pipe smokers to make the smoke softer and more pleasant. Over the years, activated carbon filters have also become popular among cannabis users, as the effect of softer, more pleasant smoking is also present with twisted mixtures. Studies have shown that adding an activated carbon filter can result in up to 50 fewer nicotine and up to 50 fewer tar in the lungs. A significant improvement on conventional filters.

Meanwhile, the number of users of activated carbon filters is also increasing among tobacco smokers, because the effect of reducing nicotine and tar remains the same. We believe that the reason why this trend has only now reached smokers is due to the fact that the activated carbon filters used to be far too thick (diameter 9mm) to turn a cigarette in. In the meantime, however, there are producers who have revolutionized the activated carbon filter and also make it accessible and useful for smokers.

Our top brand and we think the best activated carbon filters are available from PURIZE. With a diameter of 5.9mm, they are the smallest activated carbon filters on the market. Despite their small diameter, PURIZE’s activated carbon filters pull comfortably and without clogging. However, the reduction of nicotine and tar remains the same. For us, PURIZE’s activated carbon filters are a “smart smoking solution” as it reduces both evils (nicotine and tar). Of course, smoking still remains harmful to health, but the intake of nicotine and tar is significantly reduced, so we can only recommend using activated carbon filters instead of conventional filters.

Nicotine-free herbal mixtures:

Nicotine-free herbal blends contain a mixture of different tea leaves. These are 100 nicotine-free. Tar is produced with every burn and the tea leaves must also be burned. Nicotine-free herbal blends are perfect for the use of cannabis. Most cannabis users are very health conscious, which is why they are looking for an alternative to tobacco. This is exactly what nicotine-free herbal mixtures are ideally suited for. Here, too, the industry has improved considerably in recent years. Previous nicotine-free herbal mixtures have performed poorly, especially in terms of taste and consistency. Most of the time, the leaves were too grainy and ill-suited to turn in. Real Leaf has set new standards here. The herbal mixtures of Real Leaf impress with a great and not too intense own taste, are finely processed and are also ideal for turning in. But nicotine-free herbal mixtures are not only suitable for mixing with cannabis. You can also smoke them pure or, if someone’s taste is too specific, you can mix a small amount of rotary tobacco. Of course, tobacco is smoked again and nicotine is consumed, but again the amount has been reduced and its health is not as strained as with conventional cigarettes. We therefore recommend that everyone, whether smoker or cannabis user, use nicotine-free herbal mixtures for turning in.

CBD Flowers

CBD flowers are also among the “smart smoking solutions” for us. CBD flowers, like nicotine-free herbal blends, are nicotine-free. It is another alternative for cannabis users, especially if they do not like tobacco and the nicotine-free herbal mixtures. The CBD flowers preserve the taste of cannabis. It intensifies even more, as no tobacco is used to turn it in. You don’t necessarily have to buy first-class indoor flowers. In most cases, inexpensive outdoor products are sufficient. CBD flowers are comparable to nicotine-free herbal blends as they do not contain nicotine. The CBD flowers differ naturally from the nicotine-free herbal mixtures from the taste and the two known substances in cannabis (THC and CBD). CBD has a more calming effect, similar to a sedative. The THC amount is available on all of our CBD flowers below 1 and is therefore legally available for people over 18 years of age.

So we can recommend any cannabis user to join CBD flowers for turning in. This keeps the taste top and less damage to health. In addition, the costs are lower, especially when cheap CBD flowers are used.

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