Mixing bowls

Mixing bowls
The plate is just for eating: We have the matching mixing bowls and kits for your ultimate CBD growing experience. Rolling Tray of Raw and Roll Kits.

Everyone knows it, when it has to be fast once. An A4 copy paper, make an inverted paper boat out of it and crumble in the ingredients. This often works, but then falls down or blows through the fan in all directions and spreads the freshly chopped CBD. If you want to avoid this kind of experience, we recommend the
Wooden Tray
mixing tray from RAW. Unique grains of real wood make even the mixing an experience. From PURIZE® we offer the handy
construction kit for on the way.

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    Real Leaf ~ Airtight glass container

    CHF 9.90
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    PURIZE® ~ All-In-One Box

    CHF 49.00
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    PURIZE® ~ All-In-One KIT

    CHF 49.00
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    PURIZE® ~ Pocket Kit

    CHF 59.00
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    Raw ~ Wooden Tray

    CHF 39.00
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