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  • Qualicann ~ CBD Oil Entire ~ 10ml

    CHF 119.00
  • Goodvibe ~ Rainbow Haze (Orange Sunset) ~ 10g

    CHF 49.00
  • B-Chill ~ Harlequin ~ 4.2g

    CHF 14.90
  • ,

    PURIZE® ~ Xtra Slim activated carbon filter ORGANIC ~ (250pcs.)

    CHF 44.90
  • ,

    Real Leaf ~ Mango Kush nicotine free tobacco substitute ~ 20g

    CHF 9.90
  • ,

    Qualicann ~ Wildcard Strain (Melon Squeeze) ~ 5.5g

    CHF 50.00

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You will receive your order the next business day if you order by 5pm in the afternoon.

Hump Schwitzerland

Our Swiss Cannabis products are handpicked through partnerships. All our products, and especially CBD products, meet the highest quality standards.

We are actively campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis in Switzerland. Support the process of buying our products.

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We guarantee you excellent CBD from Switzerland. In addition, excellent, individual customer service with the best possible price-performance ratio.

With every order from our online CBD shop in Zurich we give you a goodie. Be surprised!

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Overview of CBD products

What is CBD oil?

or also
CBD drops
are one of the trendiest and most popular forms. There are CBD oils for humans and
It’s important that you actually buy products that contain CBD.  

Important: The CBD oils you find at Goodvibe are legal and safe. The products are tested according to Lab tests, where the CBD and THC content is closely monitored. This way we guarantee you a legal product of assured quality.

What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are exactly what their name implies – cannabis flowers, flowers of the hemp plant that are rich in CBD. Mostly the flowers are smoked.

Since it cannot produce a state of intoxication or be addictive, it is not illegal per se to begin with.

Basically, CBD buds should deliver a smooth, round experience when smoked and have a light ash. Here you can find our detailed
Guide to CBD flowers

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