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CBD naturally helps dogs in a myriad of ways. Pain, nervousness, anxiety, indigestion, inflammation or chronic diseases are some of the ailments that CBD for dogs can help with. Only the best for your best friend.

goodvibe has tested a variety of products and put together an exquisite selection of high-quality CBD oil for dogs.

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How does CBD work for dogs?

Like humans and every mammal, dogs have one Endocannabinoid system. This so-called ECS regulates hormone production, sleep, appetite, our immune system, and the perception of pain. Put simply, cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the receptors of this EC system and balances it when there is an excess or underproduction.

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Scientific studies show a positive effect on pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, aggression, inflammation, chronic diseases (arthritis) and much more. The study situation improves from year to year.

CBD can offer dogs added value against the following symptoms:

  1. CBD for dogs against stress
  2. CBD for dogs against physical and characteristic imbalances
  3. CBD for dogs against inflammation
  4. CBD for dogs against chronic diseases such as arthritis
  5. CBD for dogs against nervousness/anxiety
  6. CBD for dogs for pain
  7. CBD for dogs against epilepsy
  8. CBD for dogs against hyperactivity
  9. CBD for dogs for appetite/digestion/vomiting

The goodvibe you can order the best CBD for dogs. We have tested various different CBD oils and, after a detailed selection process, included the top CBD oils for dogs in our range.

What effects or side effects does CBD have on dogs?

CBD is one of the most popular dog supplements. It is often given to four-legged friends in the event of appetite disorders, inflammation or severe nervousness. But also, for example, in chronic pain or epilepsy. Veterinarians are more and more daring to prescribe CBD for dogs, because the side effects are practically non-existent and the number of studies is increasing. Dog owners are increasingly raving about the natural remedy. So far, the exclusively positive experiences with CBD are increasing. But the study situation also paints a clear picture. Feel free to read the studies before you order CBD for dogs. In this way you can get an accurate picture of the current study situation and convince yourself of the positive effects.

So researchers of the Baylor College of Medicine found that CBD oil is beneficial for dogs Effect against arthritis hat.

[foray: Many dogs, especially older ones, suffer from osteoarthritis. In dogs, this causes pain even when walking upstairs or normal walks. In most cases, this pain is treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, this has side effects that damage the kidneys and digestive system.]

The CBD study found that 9 out of 10 dogs had less pain and were able to move better after CBD treatment. This is largely due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Another Study from Colorado State University found that 89% of dogs treated with CBD experienced a reduction in the frequency of epileptic seizures.

It is important to us that our customers can buy the best CBD for dogs.

Is CBD Dangerous for Dogs?

In the year 2020 became one Safety study conducted with 20 dogs. The result of the study showed that despite a 10-fold amount of the recommended dose, there were no or only very mild side effects. The CBD dominant oil was very similar to the placebo sunflower oil. Only with the THC dominant oil there were 0.8% occurrences with significant side effects. This was noticeable, for example, through slightly lethargic behavior. For this reason we offer goodvibe only offers THC free CBD oil for dogs.

CBD itself is completely harmless for dogs and is also easily tolerated. If you notice any abnormalities after taking CBD oil, we still recommend a visit to the veterinarian.

CBD oil dosage for dogs

CBD can be given to dogs in two different forms. Either with oil or with pellets (snacks). The oil is easier to dose and is either placed under the dog's tongue or mixed into the food.

The following guidelines are recommended (rough values, slightly different depending on the dog):

  • Small dogs: max. 6 drops of CBD oil per day.
  • Medium-sized dogs: max. 12 drops of CBD oil per day.
  • Large dogs: max. 15 drops of CBD oil per day.

The dose of CBD for dogs can be adjusted according to their symptoms and habits. The dose should be as low as possible at the beginning and be accompanied by a slow increase. We definitely recommend informing the veterinarian and discussing a treatment with him.

It is also important that you remain patient. CBD needs time before it can spread in the dog's organism and develop its effects. Before you increase the dose, it is better to observe how your dog reacts to the CBD for a few more days. The sooner you increase the dose, the faster the effects wear off.

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