Bundesgerichtsentscheid: Keine Tabaksteuer mehr für CBD Produkte. Wir haben unsere Preise um 20% reduziert!

The federal court ruled that CBD products do not belong in the same pot as tobacco (it was also time). Thanks to a court decision, the legal basis for the tobacco tax falls from one day to the next. ( https://www.20min.ch/schweiz/news/story/tabaksteuer-31996672 )

The customer is king at Goodvibe. Our dedicated team reacted at lightning speed, which is why we adjusted our prices within a few days.  20% reduction on the entire CBD range. 

Thanks to excellent cooperation with the quality producers Qualicann and Sweed, we have already received better prices, with the other manufacturers we are taking an entrepreneurial risk and hope for an appropriate price reduction there too. The aim is to offer all customers fair prices.

CBD is an alternative remedy and we are relieved that this was also recognized by the federal court. We are happy to be the first wholesaler to pass on the better prices to our customers. 

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