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Cannabis, hemp, marijuana, CBD – what is what?

Cannabidiol is a part, more precisely a chemical compound, of the cannabis plant.

Hemp and marijuana are two different types of cannabis plants with different properties. They differ mainly in gender, THC content and appearance. Marijuana is primarily a female plant and hemp is a male.

Hemp is the narrower and larger growing species, which mostly has a low, less than 0.3%, THC content. Hemp is also the type of cannabis plant that farmers have been cultivating for millennia. Hemp is also very versatile and because of the low content of THC, it is not used for smoking (puffs).

Marijuana, on the other hand, is the smaller, bushy and therefore more broadly growing plant with the higher THC content, which can even exceed 10% for certain varieties. It is also not as robust as hemp and needs a warm, humid climate to thrive properly.

What is the difference between hemp CBD & marijuana (cannabis) CBD?

Both types of cannabis, hemp & marijuana, contain CBD. The difference is the same as with THC. Hemp has a lower cannabidiol content than marijuana. This means that it takes a very large amount of hemp to get a small amount of CBD. Another big and important difference is that CBD, which is obtained from hemp, does not contain the therapeutically beneficial substances like terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Is CBD (cannabidiol) legal in Switzerland?

Unlike the THC, cannabidiol is not subject to the Narcotics Act because it has no psychoactive effects. It is important that the THC content of CBD products is below 1%. If this is the case, such products can be legally sold / purchased.

Isn’t CBD-containing cannabis an entry-level drug?

This will be the same as traditional cannabis use, where the vast majority of consumers NEVER switch to a harder drug and there is no evidence that cannabis is an entry-level drug.

Do you get high from CBD?

No. Pure CBD does not affect perception or comprehension. It is said to have a relaxing effect. CBD does not cause intoxication, on the contrary: it helps to dampen the effects of THC. In other words: the more CBD a grass contains, the more stoners have to pay for the same high. This is the reason why the CBD grass is also called “Hippie’s Disappointment” in the scene.

Why should someone use CBD?

CBD is said to calm and relax. Its medical effects are currently not fully guaranteed. However, scientists suspect that the legal grass can be used against various diseases. So the consumption of CBD should help against cramps, pain, inflammation, anxiety disorders and nausea. CBD therapies for epilepsy, sleep disorders, psychoses, depression and even cancer are also being discussed and researched. In addition to the sick and the curious, CBD customers include stoners who want to get away from the intoxication. Thanks to the CBD, you do not have to do without the taste, but keep a clear head.

Is CBD rsp. CBD hemp dangerous?

According to experts, pure CBD has no psychological or physical consequences. However, when it comes to CBD hemp, young people in particular are advised against frequent consumption. Even if a CBD joint contains only small amounts of THC: Similar to alcohol, regular consumption can have an unfavorable effect on intellectual development. In addition, like all tobacco products, CBD cigarettes can also be addictive to nicotine and cause lung and cardiovascular diseases. Since CBD can impair the protective function of the placenta, pregnant women should avoid CBD.

What happens during a police check?

Until now, a distinctive, expensive laboratory test has been necessary to differentiate between legal and illegal hemp. The police have recently been able to carry out a quick test during controls. If the THC content is below one percent, the grass is returned. If the value is above this, a fine of CHF 100 will be charged. However, depending on the canton, this only applies to a quantity of 10 grams or more. It can also be tricky for drivers who are caught driving a few CBD joints. Depending on the amount consumed, the THC contained in CBD hemp can exceed the permitted blood limit (1.5 micrograms THC per liter blood) and render it unfit to drive. There are fines or imprisonment up to three years.

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